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Friends Only

This journal is now Friends Only.

1. I'm not doing this because I'm so selective about who's reading my journal. I'm just curious.
2. 99% of the time I will add you, so don't be shy!
3. Comment to be added and I look forward to meeting you :)
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This week has been very long. Personally I believe the wrong person won the election *coughs* but that's just me. I suppose there's nothing we can do about it now, except just live with it XP ...

On a better note LOST was amazing this week. I have to say, the flashbacks are my favorite part of the show, of course flashbacks with Dom are even better XD When Charlie first starts taking the drugs I think I screamed out 'OMG NO!' then I realized my mom was watching my from the kitchen *walks away*

Bunniewabbit posted these wonderful pics of Fon (pippin's scale double) and other cast members =) Collapse )

Also, some more EE pics (for those of us who can't wait ;) Here

And thank you to _skulking_ for this idea. I never thought about sending holiday cards out to LJ friends, so I thought I'd make a poll. *Yay for paid account* Out of plain curiosity how many of you would want a card from me If I sent them out. Don't feel bad if you say yes or no (I'm not asking for your address or anything, hell I may not even send cards out) I just honestly want see the results of the poll <33

Read above^

Sure, why not
I like you, but no thanks

EDIT: AHH! LJ has been having 'technical difficulties' for almost 5 hours on and off (for those of us on subcluster 4) Please save me XP
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(no subject)

I'm back from Hiatus with a nice paid account! After sucking up to my dad for a while he finally handed over the credit card =) I still haven't figured out how to get a banner up or little boxes on the side or mood themes.. *doesn't know how to do anything wtf* but hopefully soon I'll learn XD

This week I finally, FINALLY, got my new computer setup (after waiting for months) but I still don't have the internet XP Although, I can still fill the desktop with all kinds of LOTR and hobbit goodness :)

Recent pics of Elijah with new hair *melts* Collapse )

_skulking_ has a 'Driveshaft' clip from next week's episode of Lost <3 You all everybody

And yet another Keira banner because I have nothing else to do actually because I've been trying to work on my colorization and..why not? Somewhat random text but I'm kind of happy with it =) XD Collapse )

btw, happy halloween! =) who said lots of candy was a bad thing <33
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Today I finally got a paid account! *dances* So that means I won't be updating or probably visiting my friends page until next week. Please don't feel bad if I can't comment on your entries for the time being, because I will be back very shortly (with a very pretty journal =)

Talk to you all soon <33
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Hello =) Great news.

ON OCT. 14 I'M GOING TO MEET SEAN ASTIN. *flails* As many of you know he's on a book signing tour and he's coming to my town. (Huntington, New York if anyone else lives around here) I was walking by the book store the other day when I saw his name and big bold letters and I nearly fell off the sidewalk XP lol If anyone lives in the area I would love to meet up with you =)

..Anyway, New pics from Lost with a heap of spoilers. Dom in a band o_O here

I've finally started to make things in photoshop again *gasps* The other day I was bored so I found a pic of keira knightly and thought I'd play around with it. wow. I made two banners and actually didn't turn out half bad XD

Collapse )

Collapse )

And (what was suppose to be a wallpaper) didn't really come out to the right dimensions but I thought I'd still show it anyway. You gotta love hobbits doing the classic 'abbey road' walk ;) Brushes from dorky_duck
Collapse )

That's it for now. Today I went pumpkin picking and retrieved a candy apple. Yay for apples drenched in sugar <3
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AH. It took me forever to update today because my computer is going so slow. *stabs computer*
.. Anyway what did everyone think about this weeks episode of Lost? I think the second episode was better than the first one, and of course there was more of lovely Dom =) Although they didn't show him snorting on the plane?! I remember a while ago there was a video floating around with him doing more than just tasting the drugs XP
Is it December 14th yet? *waits* More info on the EE and some pics also
Strangely enough (speaking of december) If you haven't seen these random LOTR x-mas signs they're worth a look. Some of them are pretty funny XD Here
I wish I could be a little more cheerful but that's all I can do for right now before my computer explodes or does something abnormal.

Later <3

edit: I also rented the second disc of "The Office" tonight. I know there are a few who love that show (as I do) so I thought I'd mention it =)
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(no subject)

Hello everyone =) This week of school has wore me out. I like it fine but It exhausts me. Luckily we had LOST this week. It was very interesting for the most part (aka Dom *cough*) Atleast every wednesday we have something to look forward to :D And it did rake in 18.7 million viewers!

This week was david and sala's birthday =) Some pics which you've probably seen, but there's no resisting it ;-) o.O

Collapse )

Before I explode >>....from the official site: EE extra features

And on tuesday Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind comes out and I can't wait to buy it. I saw it in the theaters and I loved it. And Elijah is so cute in it (his obsession with stealing panties lol XP)

Since I still do not have my computer set up it annoys the hell out of me that I can only use the computer on weekends. You guys are awesome, and I feel bad about not being able to comment on all your posts during the week. But hopefully it will be up soon <33

and wow, they changed the LJ updating page. weird.
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(no subject)

hi everyone! Finally I got my new computer *throws streamers*

It's the new eMAC, and I can't wait until I get it hooked up to optimum online. That means I can be on livejournal all the time =)

Since Lost preimires on Wednesday, my brain is on Dom overload.. I suppose thats a not a bad thing though XP lol. New pics of dom in Disneyland Collapse )

And THESE pics from Sean astins new book, well, it doesn't get much better than this Collapse )
Ugh..tomorrow I'm working at some festival. Sounds fun, but not when you're there for hours handing out flyers XP Anyway I have to go drink something soothing after yesterday when I burnt my tounge because I heated up leftovers too long in the microwave

edit: a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to inaba! =)
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lots of dom..

Hello! On wednesday I started school..ugh is all I can say. I've been there for 3 days and it feels like 5 months, already I'm counting down the days until its over *bangs head on desk* But oh well, I suppose all I can do right now is live with it the best I can.

I know Lost is still 11 days away but I figured in honor of it...33 Dom bases! Customize to your hearts desire =)

Collapse )

The other day I saw a post by nibrethil with a meme that she said was very accurate, so I decided to check it out...THIS MEME IS JUST DAMN FREAKY. It's true.. *hides in croner*

Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Beauty
In a survival situation, you:Outsmart your attacker
Your hidden talent is:Resourcefulness
Your gift is:A loving heart
In groups, you:Don't fit in
Your best quality is:Your empathic nature
Your weakness is:Your laziness
Quiz created with MemeGen!

btw, I changed my layout ^_^ Why do you guys think? It's a mix of Dom, Lost, and Autumn XP (the browns) And..if you haven't heard the ROTK :EE is coming out on Dec 14!!! I can't wait <3

I must go now and do my mountains of homework..
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